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Congratulations & Welcome!

Welcome, I'm Michelle! I am a pregnancy and postpartum specialist living in County Limerick. I help families like yours discover what they uniquely need to have a birth and postnatal experience that they love. I assist you in understanding the many options for birth, learning how to trust the birth process and feel confident as you journey through it all.

I know you are seeking an experience that you may look back on with joy but you feel a bit intimidated or unsure about how you can achieve it. The truth is, the journey through pregnancy and birth doesn't have to be so difficult! Having an experienced guide to support you makes it much easier to have the positive birth you desire.

I currently serve families in County Limerick and surrounding areas through pregnancy, birth and those early postpartum days. Please see my Birth Doula section for more information on how a doula can support your family.

Placenta Encapsulation

Boost your postnatal recovery and really take care of YOU following the birth of your baby. Placenta encapsulation is a no-hassle way of replenishing your body after nine months of supporting foetal growth. These easy to consume capsules offer a host of postnatal benefits, including reduced bleeding time, more energy, reduction in postnatal depression symptoms, less hair loss, clearer skin and increased hormone balance.

Please visit my Placenta Encapsulation page to learn more about this unique service, the different remedies you may have made and to read more about the wonderful postnatal benefits your placenta has to offer! Booking in for placenta services is now easy with my online booking form!

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November & December Labour Comfort Measures Workshops!

Looking to enter labour feeling confident with ALL the tools you need for a positive birth experience!? This workshop focuses on the tools and techniques that will provide maximum physical and emotional comfort as you labour. There's no need for you and your birth partner to feel anxious or unsure of how your big day will go. You will *both* learn (and practice!) tips on how to plan for all types of birth and be prepared for any path your labour may take.

Partners will learn comfort techniques that are far beyond hand-holding. They will go away with knowledge on how they can be involved and most importantly, HELP you as you journey to meet your baby!

This €30 class is suitable for expect mums and birth partners (whoever is supporting you during labour).

November Event: Your Yoga Centre, Corbally- 18th November from 2:30-4 pm.

December Event: Embody Fitness, Castletroy Shopping Centre- 9th Dec. from 2:30- 4 pm.

Registration is required so please contact me here. If you are unable to attend either of these workshops, you may join my wait list to be updated on the next dates!


Fertility Support

The journey to become a parent is often assumed to be an easy one, however, the reality is more and more families are experiencing difficulties when trying to conceive. Availing of support from a fertility doula means you will experience continuous emotional support during all stages of your fertility journey. This sensitive service will help you navigate the fear, anxiety, depression and isolation many people experience when the road to conception is not a smooth one. To learn more about this service, which may be provided in-person or virtually, please see here!


Offer for November!

Book in for any of our three birth doula packages and receive three free hours of postnatal support once baby arrives!

Learn more about the benefits of the continuous support you may receive from a birth doula here!

**This offer cannot be combined or used for previously booked services.


CUB Kit Rental

The CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth) is a comfortable, stable inflatable support tool that helps expectant mothers get into a variety of upright positions during pregnancy and labour. It allows mothers to adjust to the positions that are the most physically comfortable for them at home and in hospital. Being upright during labour has numerous benefits to both mum and baby.

Please see my CUB Rental page for more information on the benefits of upright birth and how you can rent the CUB in Ireland from 37-42 weeks gestation!

Belly Binding

Belly binding is a tradition that involves wrapping a piece of cloth around the hips, abdomen and rib cage to just below the bust. This promotes natural postnatal healing of the uterus and other organs following birth, along with many other benefits! As one of the few professional belly binders in Ireland, I provide this service to families in Limerick and surrounding counties.

My Belly Binding page has more information about this unique, customised service, packages that I offer and answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

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