Supporting Your Birth, Your Way!


Congratulations & Welcome!

Welcome, I'm Michelle!  I am a birth doula based in Limerick.  I offer non-judgmental support & information to expectant families during pregnancy and am present during labour. Families availing of my services enter their labour feeling confident and strong versus anxious or fearful.  I have experience and training to provide care for natural (unmedicated) births, medicated births, VBACs and cesarean births in hospital or at home.  I serve families in County Limerick and surrounding areas through pregnancy, birth and those early postpartum days.  Please see my Birth Doula section for more information.

Placenta Encapsulation

Requests for placenta encapsulation and other remedies have increased dramatically in Ireland!  I am a certified Placenta Remedies Specialist having trained with the world renowned IPEN program.  IPEN's strict preparation and safety guidelines ensure that I follow the highest safety standards while providing services to families in Ireland.

Please visit my Placenta Encapsulation page to learn more about this unique service, the different remedies you can have made and to read more about the wonderful postnatal benefits your placenta has to offer!  Booking in for placenta services is now easy with my online booking form!


Offer for July!

Book in for a private Birth Preferences planning session for only €50!  During this session you will meet with a professional doula in your own home or via video chat to go over the many different options available to you during labour.  Admission preferences, labour positions, different types of pain relief, augmentation options and so much more will be covered!  You will learn the benefits, risks and alternatives for each option available to you so you can make the choice that feels right for you and your family!

Please contact me directly here to book in for this 2-3 hour private session.

CUB Kit Rental

The CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth) is a comfortable, stable inflatable support tool that helps expectant mothers get into a variety of upright positions during pregnancy and labour.  It allows mothers to adjust to the positions that are the most physically comfortable for them at home and in hospital.  Being upright during labour has numerous benefits to both mum and baby.

Please see my CUB Rental page for more information on the benefits of upright birth and how you can rent the CUB in Ireland from 37-42 weeks gestation!

Belly Binding

Belly binding is a tradition that involves wrapping a piece of cloth around the hips, abdomen and rib cage to just below the bust.  This promotes natual postnatal healing of the uterus and other organs following birth, along with many other benefits!  As one of the few professional belly binders in Ireland, I provide this service to families in County Limerick and the Southwest.  

My Belly Binding page has more information about this unique, customised service, packages that I offer and answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

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