Belly Binding Promotes Healing!

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What is Postpartum

Belly Binding?

Belly binding is a tradition practiced in many eastern cultures. The practice involves wrapping a long strip of cloth around the hips, abdomen and rib cage to just below the bust. This promotes healing of the uterus and other organs during the recovery period following birth. Having a professional belly binder provide this service ensures the binding is done correctly and that you receive all the benefits that belly binding has to offer.

I am one of the few professional belly binders in Ireland and my service is based on a Malaysian traditional technique called Bengkung. I provide this service in your home from two days to seven weeks following birth! When you avail of my services, I not only perform the binding but teach you and a support person how to complete it as well. You can now book in easily online!


Benefits of Belly Binding

- Pulls in separated abdominal muscles and promotes diastasis recti healing

- Encourages healing from pelvic/pubic separation during pregnancy and postnatally

- Supports muscles that have been stretched and relaxed due to pregnancy

- Prevents and reduces back pain by promoting better posture and preventing "nursing slouch"

- Decreases postpartum bleeding time

- A natural way of healing postnatally

- If binding follows pregnancy loss or stillbirth, it promotes both emotional and physical healing


Belly Binding


This service can be combined with my Birth Doula Services, professional babywearing support, postpartum doula support or Placenta Services at a reduced rate!


postpartum Belly Bind with Teaching Session


One visit to teach you everything you need to know to perform postpartum abdominal binding.  This includes the material for the belly binding and me teaching you and a support person how to do the binding yourself.  Phone and email support is also included following binding.


*  An additional charge does apply for travel greater than 40 km.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long should I wear my belly bind?

Traditionally the Malaysian belly bind was worn for the entirety of the postpartum "confinement" period, which lasts 30-40 days.  This is understandably impractical for many women in modern day living.  I recommend belly binding for five-fourteen days for 6-12 hours per day.  The bind can be removed and put back on multiple times a day if needed.  Even if this time cannot be achieved for any reason, wearing the bind for any length of time is still beneficial for postnatal healing.

  • What makes belly binding different from store-bought postpartum girdles?

What belly binding provides that store-bought girdles don't is a completely custom fit and additional coverage.  Even store-bought girdles with elastic and velcro are not going to fit everyone equally.  A "one size fits most" approach is not ideal for postpartum healing.  A store-bought product will also only cover the abdominal area, which can cause the abdomen to push down on pelvic floor muscles and organs causing or worsening uterine or bladder prolapse.  In comparison, a belly bind doesn't just work on the waist.  From the ribs down to the hips, it creates an upward lift which is essential for postpartum healing.  

  • Can I still belly bind if I have a caesarean birth?

Yes!  The only thing to consider is you will have to wait until 4-6 weeks postpartum because of your caesarean section healing and recovery.  Belly binding will still provide you with the same healing benefits.  

  • Can I do belly binding if I have experienced pregnancy loss or a stillbirth?

Yes, you can if you have experienced either of these situations.  Belly binding will promote physical healing by helping the organs, tissues and muscles return to their proper place post-pregnancy.  Many mothers also find belly binding is emotionally healing in these situations.

  • How would I use the restroom while wearing the belly bind?

The belly bind extends from just below your bust to mid-hip, at the pubic bone.  For maximum comfort I recommend wearing the belly bind under any clothing on your torso but over any underwear.  When you use the restroom for the first time post-bind, you can easily pull your underwear out from under the bind.  Once finished, you can either tuck your underwear back under the bind or simply pull it over the lowest part of the bind, whichever you prefer!