Supporting Parents Through Miscarriage & Loss


What is a Bereavement Doula?

A Bereavement Doula supports parents who are currently experiencing or who have experienced the loss of a baby during any stage of gestation or following birth.  This sensitive service may include practical support, birth support or companionship during a time which is often compacted by many emotions.


What does a bereavement doula do?

  • Supports families through pregnancy loss at home or in hospital
  • Supports families as they attend medical procedures in hospital
  • Supports parents through a difficult diagnosis and assists them in gaining information about the diagnosis
  • Supports families as they prepare for the birth of a baby who has already passed or is not expected to survive once outside the womb
  • Helps families acknowledge and celebrate the birth of their baby and in creating memories and keepsakes
  • Supports families of babies who are in the NICU
  • Supports families as they say good bye to their baby and make farewell arrangements
  • Helps and supports families as they grieve and makes referrals for professional supports when needed