Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy! This time of your life can be exciting but also very overwhelming! You have probably learned since you announced your pregnancy that you have suddenly become a magnet for unsolicited advice and birth stories from friends, family and even strangers. This may lead to feelings of anxiety or fear regarding childbirth and early parenting, especially if the information you hear is negative.

Your closest family and friends (and everyone on the internet!) may also be giving you all kinds of advice regarding what your birth should be like. With so much information coming your way, it's no wonder this sense of overwhelm is so large! The good news is pregnancy and birth doesn't need to be this complicated! ... and more importantly, your labour doesn't have to be something you dread or need to suffer through to meet your baby! Your birth can be positive, joyous and empowering!

Maybe this feels unattainable. Maybe you are afraid your labour will spiral out of control, perhaps as it may have in the past. I'm here to tell you that you CAN have any type of birth you wish! A positive birth experience is definitely possible for you with compassionate support from a birth doula you know and trust.


Seeking Expectant Families Looking for…

- Someone to help take some of the stress out of pregnancy and early parenting

- Someone to help you create birth preferences which reflect your ideal birth and guide you in the steps to get you there

- Someone who is experienced in supporting families through the Irish maternity system- who can help you find your path, while also knowing where common pitfalls and bumps in the road lie + how to avoid them

- Someone to provide evidence based information without pressure, judgment or agenda, to help you have the positive experience you desire

- A doula who loves to encourage your birth partner to be the best support that they can during labour

- A doula to motivate you, cheer you on and never lose faith in your ability to birth and care for your baby

- Someone who can help you as you transition into parenthood, ready to share all their knowledge and experience

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- Two - Three antenatal sessions 2-3 hrs in length to help prepare for labour

- Creating birth preferences that are best suited for your family

- Practice comfort measures and birthing positions so you feel confident and prepared for the day

- Newborn Preparation

- Phone, email and text support the moment of hire

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- 24/7 on call availability

- Continuous physical comfort and emotional support until you birth your baby

- Encouraging your birth partner with different ways to provide support which is best suited for your needs

- Remaining with you for 1-2 hours after the birth of your baby to help initiate feeding and to make sure you are fed and comfortable yourself

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One or two in-home postpartum visits. These visits look different for every family. For some we spend the time going through every detail of the birth, for others the parents want to have me hold their baby while they have a long shower and a hot meal knowing their baby is in good hands.

I have to thank Michelle from the bottom of my heart for everything she did for myself and my partner over the course of my pregnancy right up until the birth of our little girl. Her extensive knowledge paired with her sense of humour and unfaltering calm and pleasant demeanor make her undeniably the right choice for anybody looking for support throughout their pregnancy at any stage.
— Jessica, first time mum. County Limerick

Partners + Doulas= The Perfect Support Team

A very common concern is that hiring a birth doula may take away from the support that a partner provides. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about doula support! My role is not to "take over" anything but to enhance and encourage your birth partner's role in supporting you. The truth is, the best thing a partner can do is provide you with loving attention. By having me at your labour, your birth partner can do that easily without distraction or worry while I take care of everything else!

Our birth did not go to plan and Michelle provided amazing support to my wife and was such a great emotional support for me also. Michelle’s being there allowed me to go on a break, get food and contact family all the while knowing that everything in the birth suite was under control. I would 100% have Michelle with us at the next birth.
— Tommy, First Time Dad | Limerick

Fancy Learning More?

I understand that expectant families have a busy schedule and I would like to make interacting with me as easy as possible. Please click this link to contact me directly or set up a FREE no-obligation intake call or in-person consultation. This is designed so you can learn more about me and determine compatibility.

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