Newborn Photography- Things to Consider when Capturing Precious Memories

guest blog post by Katie of Posie Photography, Newcastle West

You’ve been carrying your miracle for months, feeling little flutters to big kicks, falling more and more in love with your baby as your due date approaches. You’re already picturing who they’ll look like, whose features will they have? Maybe your eyes? Will they be born with a head full of hair? It’s amazing to think!

As soon as my baby was born, I saw he had my partners eyes and couldn’t get over the similarities between the two of them. He had my head of blonde hair, too! Every little detail I wanted to soak up. From the fluff on his little ears, to the way his lips form a pout or the way his brow creases. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of just soaking in all of these little details. 

Every day my baby boy is changing, he’s filling out and getting stronger by the day, it is true what they say that time really does fly! What I am so thankful for is that I have gorgeous images of my baby taken at 12 days old. I’ve preserved how small he was, how he easily curled up, reminding me of all the times he’s lying on my chest and curling up into a little ball. 

It is such a significant time, bringing a new life into the world. Days will pass in a blissful blur. What I have to hold onto from this, is the gorgeous images to adore for life.

When choosing a photographer, here are three things to consider:


Have a good look through their portfolio, do you like the style of the photographer? Do you like the colours they use, the props (or lack of) and most important the quality of their work? A photographer is an artist and you can see their passion through their work. Asking an event photographer or a landscape photographer to capture your newborn photos is like asking a fast food chain to bake your wedding cake. Yes, they might have the tools, but don’t you want someone who specialises in what they do? You won’t get this time again. Which brings me nicely on to…


As you have probably seen, newborn images are taken when baby is between 5 - 15 days new. This is purely because your baby will naturally curl up in to the gorgeous little poses and stay asleep. It is vital that baby will sleep through these poses, as if they’re awake they will stretch and move around. Most photographers will take bookings based on your due date, and usually a few months in advance, as we will only take a minimal amount per month to ensure we can see each new little client within the small window of time that we have. It’s best to book after your 20 week scan, and once your baby is born usually within 24-48 hours of birth, you’d get in touch with your photographer to book in an actual date for the session.


Newborn photography is a specialised form of art. It takes a lot of patience, dedication and skill to create the poses that you have seen. As well as on going mentoring, many photographers including myself have taken dedicated training workshops, including 1-1 in person workshops, mentoring and online courses all designed around newborn safety, safe posing skills and styling. You wouldn’t trust just anyone handling your brand new baby, so why would you trust just anyone to pose your miracle baby? Each pose that is created requires time and most importantly follows important guidelines to ensure their safety and comfort. 

** To see more , visit Katie’s newborn photography gallergy on her website here and Facebook page here.


You Don't Need to be a Duchess to Have a Doula

You Don't Need to Be a Duchess to Have a Doula.png

If you've been around the pregnancy and birth world lately, you may have noticed the numerous reports that Meghan Markle is availing of doula support for her pregnancy and birth.  While it's certainly great that doula care is appearing more and more in the media, it's also important to note you don't need to be royalty to opt for this gold standard level of support.  

Anyone can hire a doula and there's numerous reasons why someone might make this decision.  My clients have come from all walks of life with numerous backgrounds, income levels, professions and circumstances that have influenced their decision.  Despite their differences, they all have one thing in common:  they are looking for extra, personalised support.  They want to build a relationship of trust and I'm there to meet their unique needs.  My clients decide what my work looks like for them and it often includes  reassurance, encouragement and calm companionship as they journey to meet their baby.

The type of birth experience my clients are looking for also varies.  While the stereotype may be that doulas firmly support unmedicated birth, this is far from the truth.  A professional, unbiased doula should support ALL types of birth.  That includes unmedicated, induction, the use of all forms of pain relief, planned caesarean and more.  Non-judgmental doula care with me looks like supporting you no matter what you decide.  It means I trust you to make the birth decisions that feel best for you and I fully support you as you do so.  It reflects seamless integration of services as I support you alongside your healthcare providers, whether that's in hospital or at your home. 

Doula support isn't something reserved only for a duchess.  It's an amazing option for anyone looking for a level of care that is tailored just for them. To learn more about my birth doula support services and package options, please see this link.

Savoury Fish Pie Recipe!

Caroline of Eatwise shares a healthy fish pie option!

I love this recipe – adapted from Jamie Oliver’s recipe but with a lower calorie slant using lots of lovely spinach, potato and less fat! Great for making earlier in the day for a relaxed dinner. It can also be frozen for use after baby arrives!


  • 500g fish fillets/fish pie mix cut into chunks (eg Cod, hake, salmon, smoked haddock,


  • 600g frozen leaf spinach, defrosted (can be done in microwave) and drained or use OR 500g fresh spinach, steamed

  • 400g potato, (4 medium potatoes, peeled and

    cut into halves)

  • 2 large eggs

  • 1 med onion, peeled and chopped

  • 1⁄2 a leek, finely sliced

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 150ml low fat milk

  • 150g low fat soft cheese (eg Philadelphia Light)

  • 1⁄2-1 tsp Dijon mustard

  • Juice of half a lemon (1 tbsp)

  • 70g low fat cheddar


1. Put potatoes and eggs into cold water to boil. Preheat oven to 190° C

2. Squeeze excess water from defrosted or cooked fresh spinach and spread over base of an ovenproof dish

3. Remove eggs after 10 minutes, cool under cold tap, peel and quarter

4. Drain potatoes when cooked and leave in covered pan

5. Sauté leek in a little oil until it has softened

6. Spread fish chunks, leeks and egg quarters over spinach and season with a little salt and black pepper

7. Grate low fat cheddar and sprinkle half of it over fish mixture

8. Heat olive oil in a pan, add onion and fry for a few minutes. Stir in milk and low fat soft cheese, whisk until smooth, add mustard and lemon juice. Pour over spinach, egg and fish mixture reserving about 4tbsp to add to potato

9. Mash potato, add reserved liquid and spread over fish pie using a fork.

10.Sprinkle remaining grated cheese over potato. Bake for 35-40 minutes, check if cooked by inserting a knife into the middle and ensuring it comes out piping hot. Serve with green salad.

To learn more about Caroline, Eatwise and to see more recipes, please see her website here.