Pampering Myself During Pregnancy


Go On, Treat Yourself!


        There's no doubt that being pregnant is really hard work!  Your physical body goes through many changes and is in overdrive supporting a developing baby (or babies!).  Meanwhile, your emotional body is busy preparing for and sometimes worrying about your new arrival.  If things have been particularly difficult during your pregnancy, you might feel out right worn down and depleted from the various uncomfortable and sometimes severe symptoms that accompany pregnancy!

As you near the end of your pregnancy or your more unpleasant pregnancy symptoms start to lessen, you might feel a strong desire to treat yourself.  There is nothing wrong with taking some time out to pamper yourself in various ways that may help you feel more relaxed, taken care of and like the beautiful goddess you are!

The end of my current pregnancy is quickly approaching.  I've done a few things here and there to pamper myself but overall, I've been so busy focusing on my other children and getting all.the.things done.  I'm starting to feel the desire to slow things down and focus on me before baby number four arrives!  I don't see this as being selfish, I see it as being ESSENTIAL for my own well-being, both physical and mental!  The postnatal period also generally puts me into a bit of hibernation-mode so many of the things I plan to do now I would naturally not find interesting post-birth.

Here are some of the things I plan to do to pamper myself before baby arrives!  Please note that my personal plans and the ideas I offer others can really fit into any budget.  Treating yourself doesn't have to mean dropping hundreds of euro!  Do what feels right for you, take a deep breath and enjoy yourself!  You deserve it!



I'm really excited about this because it's something I have always wanted to try!  Reflexology is a form of alternative therapy that is based on the idea that different points on the hands, feet and/or head correspond with different areas of the body.  Pressure is applied to various points to help alleviate stress, bring overall relaxation and help address any concerns.  I've heard reflexology is also great for preparing the body for birth- no promises on it actually starting labour!  I intend on making an appointment at the very end of my pregnancy so pressure can be applied to some of those labour stimulating areas!



Sometimes stopping into my favourite café for a cuppa with friends is just what I need to unwind!  Other times I enjoy bringing along a book and having a little time to myself.  No matter what you prefer, this inexpensive and simple idea is something that you can really indulge in more frequently as your guess date nears.



This is also something I have never had done but really want to try!  Massage in general is great for relaxing the muscles, improving blood flow and relaxation.  Massages tend to be more moderately priced but keep your eyes open for discounts and special offers!  Many massage therapists will occasionally advertise them on their social media accounts.



A good cut and blow dry is my way of both preparing for my birth photos (hey, I'm being honest!) and it's something that always makes me feel good, pregnant or not!  My hair has been growing at an insane rate this pregnancy so I'm really in need of a trim and that wonderful scalp massage during the wash?  Turns me into a puddle every time!



You might be wondering why in the world I might opt for this!  Studies have shown mindful adult colouring really does provide relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety by calming the amygdala in our brain!  I've purchased a beautiful set of positive birth affirmations that I can color and use to make a vision board for my birth.  This choice has multiple benefits for me.  I will read and absorb the birth affirmations while I colour, I'll be getting a good dose of feel-good vibes AND I will be preparing for my birth.  You can purchase an adult colouring book, a set of birth affirmations or print some free colouring pages online easily.




I admit this has been one of my favourite feel-good indulgences!  With three other children at home, the hubby and I neglected our date nights for quite awhile.  We've since made more of an effort to have time just for us at home and out because we know such things will be put on hold temporarily once the new baby is here.  We've gone out to dinner, been to the cinema and attended a trad session.  



I still have not decided what I would like to buy myself, but I know I'd like to treat myself with a small gift.  A Baltic Amber necklace?  A new diary?  A comfy pair of slippers or pyjamas?  I can't decide but I'm sure I will find something!