An Introduction to Baltic Amber: Use During Pregnancy and for Your Baby!


A Guest Blog Post by Jesia Gorski of Rustic Amber Jewellery!


         Baltic amber is a beautiful resin millions of years old originating from ancient pine forests in the Baltic regions and Scandinavian countries. The amber resin from these trees went solid and later fossilized. All this happened over many, many thousands of years. Gradually this resin moved from the pine forests ending up close to the coastal regions where eventually it moved again to the bottom of the sea. 

There are many types of amber from around the world. Baltic Amber is the only amber with the amazing capabilities to heal and provide pain relief for adults and children of all ages. Amber has an electromagnetic quality and will build up an electrical charge.  When the jewellery, normally in the form of necklaces, bracelets or anklets, sits against your skin it is more effective for healing and pain relief. It's a lovely warm gem to wear.


How can Baltic Amber help you?

  • Wearing amber every day provides a protective veil of positive energy dispelling the radiating negative effects of everyday appliances such as mobile phones, microwaves, computers, radios etc.

  • Baltic amber is a natural antibiotic, analgesic and is used in some hospitals in Eastern European countries to speed up the healing of wounds after surgery.

  • Amber is anti-inflammatory and anti-stress providing

  • It provides safe pain relief for teething babies and reduces drooling associated with teething.

  • Pain relief for aching joints during and after pregnancy.

  • Pain relief from headaches and migraines and sore throats.

  • Wearing amber to bed can help you sleep better.

  • Amber can help balance out thyroid problems.


About Jesia!

          I am proud to introduce you to my little WAHM (work at home mum) business, Rustic Amber Jewellery.  Rustic Amber began less than a year after my daughter, Lilyth was born, who is now a threenager. After months of crying from teething and receiving advice from every Tom, Dick and Harry, I decided to go back to my Eastern European roots and research Baltic Amber. My late father was a professional Polish artist and would bring home (Elton, Co. Limerick ) Baltic Amber for my mother and us daughters from his travels to his home country. We knew the power of it but it would be some years later when I would connect the dots and realise just how powerful Baltic Amber really is. I researched endlessly and finally came to the foregone conclusion to make Baltic Amber jewellery myself and produce it with the greatest care and attention to each detail no matter how tiny. I researched further into the best techniques to ensure babies, like my own baby, would be safe wearing their anklet or necklace. I source the Baltic amber beads from the Amber Coast. It's certified and is of beautiful quality!

** Thank you, Michelle, for your kind invitation for me to write about one of my passions!

To learn more about Baltic Amber and Jesia's wonderful local business, please visit her Facebook page or her website, here.  Use the discount code "amberdoula" to receive €5 off a €30+ order or the discount code "freepost" to receive free shipping!  Thank you Jesia for informing us about Baltic Amber and how it can act as another "tool" in our pregnancy and parenting tool kit!


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