Yes! I Consumed My Placenta!

Eating Placenta Limerick



          I first heard about placenta encapsulation when my doula mentioned it to me during my second pregnancy.  I admit when I first heard of it, I was mildly repulsed (which is a normal first reaction!) but I came around to ask the burning question of "WHY!?  Why would someone want to consume their placenta!?"  My doula assured me there were real benefits to its consumption.  While I believed her, there were a multitude of reasons why I didn't follow through after my daughter's birth.  

The main reason I didn't consume my placenta seems rather silly now that I reflect upon it.  At that time in 2011, I was researching more positive birth experiences and I was preparing to have a low intervention birth in a hospital setting.  The medicalised birth culture of my hometown in America was something I had to learn to navigate.  I was extra thorough in discussing my birth preferences with my obstetrician, although I was made to feel like I was being a real pain during my antenatal appointments.  I started to believe that my more "alternative choices" were asking a lot from the medical staff. My potential request that my placenta be retained for encapsulation versus being dumped with other medical waste felt like "one more thing" that I would have to fight for.  It's sad that I felt that way at the time.  I shouldn't have felt like I needed to apologise for my birth choices!

After the birth of my daughter I didn't take notice of my placenta because I was so mesmerised by her.  My husband and doula looked briefly at my placenta as it lay on a tray until it was eventually discarded.  Once we returned home, the postnatal period with my newborn daughter was nothing short of intense.  Although she was my second child, she was far more challenging and demanding than my son who was born eight years earlier.  I struggled with postnatal depression and feelings of isolation that didn't shift for months.  You can read more about that journey here.

When I became pregnant for the third time (with my second son), I started researching placenta encapsulation more.  The benefits women spoke of sounded amazing-  reduction in postnatal depression symptoms, improved energy levels, an increase in breast milk supply, less hair loss, the list went on and on!  After the challenging recovery and the postnatal depression I experienced with my daughter a few years earlier, I was certain I wanted to give placenta encapsulation a try.  I soon found a local placenta specialist who was running a special offer right before my son's birth!  I instantly hired her, filled out her booking form and gave her my placenta remedy preferences.  I wanted the encapsulation, a placenta print and an umbilical cord keepsake.  


My son's birth was a fast and furious home birth that lasted just over an hour!  After he emerged, followed by the afterbirth, my husband and doula brought my placenta into the kitchen and had a look.  I was again so enamoured with my newborn that I barely took notice!  Before going into labour I wasn't sure if I wanted to try raw placenta fruit smoothies, however, afterward I decided what the hell, why not!? If I tried it and didn't like it, I could always discard it.  I had two fruit smoothies within hours of giving birth with a thumb-sized piece of my placenta in each.  I can honestly say the placenta did not add any taste to them! 

One of my placenta fruit smoothies on ice!

One of my placenta fruit smoothies on ice!


My placenta was picked up that same day by the professional I hired and my pills, prints and cord keepsake were brought to me two days later.  During my pregnancy I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition because of some serious health issues that suddenly and severely emerged at six months pregnant.  If I'm being totally honest, my third pregnancy was by far the most physically and emotionally challenging time of my life.  I literally felt like my body was breaking down further with each passing day.  For this reason I assumed my recovery was also going to be the most challenging of all my pregnancies.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong!  My recovery was much easier with the help of my placenta pills!  I had more energy, postnatal depression was hardly a blip on my radar, I had postpartum bleeding for a much shorter time, my autoimmune flares reduced and I experienced breast engorgement for the very first time in my life!  My milk supply was much stronger than prior births and I attribute that to my easy-to-take placenta pills!  Prior to birth, I was very fearful that my supply would be low or nonexistent because of my difficult pregnancy and overall poor health.  To have engorged breasts, although mildly uncomfortable for ~36 hours, was very much welcomed!  I was sad when my pills ran out and I wish I had known there are other ways to "preserve" and extend the magic of your placenta, such as an essence, tincture or homeopathic remedy!

My wonderful experience with my own placenta lead me to recommend encapsulation to many other mums.

Not only that, it also pushed me to become a Placenta Remedies Specialist with IPEN so I can now provide placenta remedies, including encapsulation, essence, tinctures, balms, creams and homeopathic remedies for families in Ireland!  

There are many reasons to consider placenta encapsulation.  Some common benefits include:

  • reduced postpartum bleeding

  • faster postnatal healing/recovery

  • increased energy levels

  • improved breast milk production

  • reduction in postnatal depression symptoms

  • more balanced mood

  • less hair loss and clearer skin

  • rebalancing of iron, hormone and mineral levels


If you're considering placenta encapsulation or other services, I encourage you to hire someone in your area who has both experience and proper training.  As a trained Placenta Remedies Specialist with IPEN, you can rest assured that the highest safety standards will always be followed when your placenta is in my care.  Please see my Placenta Encapsulation Page for more information, FAQs and my price listing!  Also remember that if you're in hospital and requesting your placenta be kept, you are not adding an additional burden to your birth preferences!  Placenta encapsulation is becoming more and more common and medical professionals are supportive of your wishes!  

Have more questions or would you like to set up a booking?  Click on the "Remedies Guide" button below to read more about my services or click "Book Online Now" to be taken to a convenient online booking form!