Questions to Ask Before Booking in for Placenta Encapsulation


Before booking in for placenta encapsulation, there are some questions you may like to ask the person or business who will be providing the service.  A good place to start may be looking at their website or social media pages.  I always recommend emailing or private messaging when you would like more information.

  • 1)  What type of training do they have?  This is essential to provide a safe service.  Your placenta is being turned into a food product, something you will consume.  Food safety certification and bloodborne pathogen training is a must, as is placenta encapsulation training.  A triple certification is what I would recommend.  Most specialists in Ireland have this qualification but it never hurts to ask!

*** I am triple certified in food safety training, bloodborne pathogen training and completed my extensive placenta encapsulation training with IPEN.

  • 2)  Where will your placenta be turned into capsules?  Is this professional service carried out in the specialist's home or do they have a separate unit/facility where the encapsulation process takes place?  Some specialists also offer this service in the client's own home.  Expectant parents may have a preference while others do not have a preference at all. The choice is always yours!

*** All our placenta encapsulation services are done in a separate unit designed with your safety in mind. Alternatively, the process can be done in a client’s home if that is their preference.

  • 3)  Who collects your placenta from your home or hospital, depending on where you give birth?  Does the placenta specialist collect it themselves or do they use a courier?  If a courier is used, what training do they have (if any)?  How are the proper temperature checks done?  Is a temperature controlled vehicle for blood product delivery used?  Do they collect more than one placenta at a time?  All follow up questions you may like to ask. Some parents do not mind a courier being used while others prefer the personalised service of the placenta specialist collecting themselves. The placenta specialist will have learned how to safely transport a placenta as part of their training.

*** Limerick Doula Services’ gold standard service means your placenta is always collected by me personally. A courier is not used because we believe this professional service deserves that personal touch! I also enjoy answering any questions you may have during collection.

  • 4)  How will your placenta be kept cold?  Once your baby and placenta are birthed, your placenta will need to be put on ice or into a refrigeration unit within 30 min. to ensure it can safely be consumed.  It then has four hours to get below 8°C and stay there.  Do you need to buy a cool bag, ice blocks, etc. for this process or does the placenta specialist provide these items for you?

*** At Limerick Doula Services we understand just how busy expectant families are. As part of our service, a chiller kit rental is included in your placenta encapsulation booking. Everything you need to keep your placenta safely stored and chilled is included. That means peace of mind for you and less hassle!

  • 5)  What other remedies does the specialist provide?  Some specialists only provide encapsulation- when your placenta is turned into capsules.  Others offer remedies like placenta essence, tincture, homeopathy and more!

*** We offer a wide range of placenta remedies including capsules, chocolates, fruit smoothies, tincture, essence, homeopathic remedies and more! Please see our Placenta Encapsulation Page for more details and to access a document outlining the benefits of each.

A placenta essence!- this is great to keep and use after you have taken all your capsules

A placenta essence!- this is great to keep and use after you have taken all your capsules

  • 6)  When can you expect your capsules back?  Most specialists try to return your remedies to you within a few days.  You may also like to ask how the remedies will be returned to you- by post or delivery in person.

*** We always aim to have a new mum’s capsules back to her within 72 hours if possible. For people living within 40 km of Limericky City, the remedies are returned in person. For those living outside of 40 km, they have a choice of having their capsules delivered via registered post or in person.

Many parents-to-be may like to ask these questions to learn more about the service provider they are thinking of going with. Only you can decide what feels right for you. To learn more about the placenta encapsulation services I offer, including reported benefits, prices and FAQs, please see my services page here. You may also use my easy online booking system to secure a place in my calendar by clicking here. It only takes 5 min. to book in. You can also always get in touch if you have questions!