And Here You Are, Baby!

Christmas Baby


This time last year I was between hurrying around the house nesting for your arrival and trying to force myself to SLOW DOWN. I was beyond ready to meet you but knew you would come in your own time. I trusted you to decide when your birth date should be. I thought allowing you to choose the day you were born was special and almost magical.

Today I wondered why you find Christmas music so comforting. Then I realised, of course, I was humming and singing those same songs to you over and over last year without realising it. I would rub my belly and rock to the rhythm of the latest Christmas jingle.

I remember decorating the tree, opening our Christmas gifts, enjoying our Christmas breakfast and going through the motions of the day while softly thinking to myself “this is the last Christmas we will be a family of five.” Oh how I waited for you so patiently. Although you weren’t here yet, I still felt you were a part of the day- “next year baby will have presents,” your older sister would say.

And now you’re nearly one and walking around the house! Instead of preparing for your birth I’m preparing for your birthday, trying to plan your beautiful cake and make all the decorations myself just right. There was beauty in last year’s Christmas when you were in my belly and there’s even more beauty now as I celebrate with you surrounded by our family.

I love you baby boy.