Once Around the Sun- remembering when labour began

when labour began limerick

Tonight I’m consumed by warm fuzzies. It was this night last year that I went into labour with my little love.

Throughout my entire pregnancy people kept saying “oh, I bet your labour will be quick!” because my previous one only lasted just over an hour. While I knew these people were well-meaning, I also understood the unpredictability of labour. One fast labour didn’t mean my next one would be. I also had a feeling my baby wasn’t going to have such a dramatic entrance as his older brother. I just knew- instinct, a gut feeling, whatever you call it.

And I was right. My fourth labour lasted a total of 15 hours with the first 13 being extremely easy to manage. Yeah, there were bits that were uncomfortable but early labour was a breeze. I even slept!- something I had never done with my previous labours. I was so calm during this labour… I swiftly moved into active labour, then transition and met my baby within the two hours.

As I sit here typing this, I also keep glancing over at the little screen on my son’s baby monitor. My little boy is fast asleep and he has grown so much. I also feel like his personality is very much like his labour- gentle, manageable, easy and dare I say PLEASANT!? Yes. I enjoyed his labour. It wasn’t hell on earth. I wasn’t suffering and I was able to stay on top of it, even when it became increasingly intense.

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