Wrapping That Babe in Warm Weather!- Some Practical Tips

Babywearing and feeding baby goats!

Babywearing and feeding baby goats!


          One thing being a mum has taught me is how to be a master at planning ahead.  Expecting the unexpected and better yet, planning for it, has saved my sanity on countless occasions.  Of course I wasn't always the "master planner" I proclaim to be.  Remember, I am a mum of four, which means I've learned a lot along the way!

This week I've gathered some practical hints and tips that will make wearing your baby in a sling, or wrap, easier when the weather is warm!

  • Consider the type of carrier you are using.  Is it heavier or more light weight?  Some people (like myself) run hotter than most anyway so choosing a heavier woven wrap may not be your style.  Something light and that promotes air flow may leave both baby and you feeling much more comfortable.  
  • Remember that a wrap counts as an additional layer.  Keep this in mind as you dress baby for the day/event you would like to attend in the heat.  I recommend dressing baby in layers so you can easily add or remove as needed.
  • Don't forget about the sun!  Make sure baby is properly covered with a large brim sun hat or that you take protection in the shade.  Using sun cream is personal preference, as some parents may not want to apply it regularly to sensitive baby skin.  If you don't use sun cream, make sure baby is either out of the sun or covered otherwise by something open and breathable!
  • Switch between front and back carries, if you know them and are comfortable doing so.  Moving baby from a front or back carry can help cool and "air out" whichever side baby isn't on.  I've had to peel my babies from a front carry before and wish I had learned to back carry earlier!
  • Have your partner or someone else wear baby!  This will help cool you down immensely.  Having someone to share babywearing duties with is really great in the heat.  You can take a break from carrying baby's additional weight, refresh yourself in whatever way you need and allow your front/back to cool before it's your turn again.
  • Make sure you and baby are hydrated!  Plenty of water for you and breast milk or formula for babies.  Babies younger than 6 months do not need water to stay hydrated, even in hot temperatures.  Giving them more breast milk or formula is sufficient and provides them with the calories they need for development.
  • Lastly, if you or baby are starting to overheat, the safest thing to do is enter a cooler space, indoors or even outdoors if possible, where both of you can take a break and get more comfortable!  

If you are interested in learning more about slings and how you can safely wear your baby in all types of weather, I highly recommend attending a Babywearing Ireland sling meet in your area!  You can  try a variety of different slings and even rent one at a very reasonable rate!