Hospital Bag Packing Made Easy! Printable Checklist!

Birth hospital bag essentials


          Whether you're planning to check yourself out of hospital rather quickly following birth or your recovery requires a longer hospital stay, being prepared goes a long way!  Thinking you packed something only to look in your bag and discover it's not there can be really inconvenient!  

Even if you are someone who tends to leave things until the last minute, I strongly encourage you to pack your hospital bag in the early part of your third trimester.  This will allow you time to pick up any items you may not have at home and worst case scenario, you have a bag already packed should your baby arrive prematurely.

I encourage expectant mums to bring not only the essentials like clothing, snacks, money, phone chargers etc. but also items that will encourage a more comfortable, oxytocin-promoting experience.  

Oxytocin is one of the key hormones that helps labour progress.  It encourages more regular, frequent and efficient contractions.  If you feel relaxed, comfortable, loved, looked after and safe, your labour is more likely to progress with fewer medical interventions (and stress!).  Items such as those needed to facilitate music or hypnobirthing tracks, LED candles, a photo of your older children, essential oils, a massager, favourite pillow, etc. can all help create a really lovely space and help with different comfort measures techniques.  In my labour comfort measures workshops I discuss some of these items and I also have them listed on my FREE, printable hospital bag checklist below!

Have a look, see what resonates with you and pack the items that you feel will help you practically while also creating a personalised birth space!