Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Pregnant Partner

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for pregnancy- Ireland


By: Michelle Mayefske

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your pregnant partner? LOOK NO FURTHER! These thoughtful gifts were all selected because they are focused on the mum-to-be and will show her just how much you care! While many gifts expectant mothers receive are more baby-focused, the items below were chosen because they promote comfort, wellness and self-care for mums specifically. These gift ideas are also all things you can get from Irish businesses and many produce them themselves!


These beautifully designed boxes contain a range of items that promote self-care for expectant and new mums. It is very common for new mums to look after everyone first, leaving themselves last on their list of priorities! The items in these boxes encourage the lady in your life to take some time out for herself, do something she enjoys and face the day feeling her best. The boxes above are from two different companies, Boxable Gifts and Mama Moments. Boxable Gifts has a range of different box options you can choose for a once-off purchase, while Mama Moments can be a once-off gift or a bi-monthly subscription!


These necklaces (and sometimes bracelets) are made from food-grade silicon that is beautiful for mum and practical for babies. The silicon is safe for babies to chew on while they are teething and can make for a lovely distraction while in mum’s arms or in a sling. There are many designs to choose from as well! The necklacess above are from Loveable Rogue Designs.


We can’t give you Valentine’s Day gift ideas without promoting something sweet! Think about your partner’s favourite flavours or what she has been craving throughout her pregnancy to add that personal touch. Opt for something she can enjoy on her own or something you can share together. These beautiful desserts from Little Raw Kitchen are not only delicious, they are packed with nutrition as well since they contain fresh, wholesome ingredients. They are sweet without all the added sugar, which can also be important if your partner has gestational diabetes, just sayin’! Little Raw kitchen has dessert boxes especially for Valentine’s Day which look devine!

Gift Set.jpg


My Expert Midwife has a range of products to help prep mums-to-be for labour and provide relief after. The Mum To Be Gift Set includes products to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, perineal massage oil to help reduce the likelihood of needing an episiotomy or tearing (trust me- mums want to avoid tearing if possible), a spray to soothe the perineum after birth and nipple balm.


Photographs help us capture some of the most special moments in our lives. Providing a voucher for an experienced photographer allows the mum-to-be to decide what type of photography session she would like. Some soon-to-be mums would love a maternity photo shoot during pregnancy. Others may like family photos or mum + baby pics with their little squish. The pictures above are from Posie Photography, located in Newcastle West.


During pregnancy expectant mums may be dealing with a whole host of physical discomfort- back ache, constipation, round ligament pain, swollen ankles, muscle tension and more. They may also experience more stress or anxiety for a variety of reasons. A prenatal massage or reflexology are excellent ways for mums to be to relax, have some time alone and get some physical relief. They both feel amazing and can help moms feel calm and ready for birth or encourage postpartum recovery. My two favourite local businesses offering these services are Samana Massage Therapy and My Baby & Me Holistic Therapies.


Is the expectant mum in your life planning to breastfeed? The items above may provide some serious relief during the early days of nursing! Multi-Mam compresses can be a life-saver for inflamed nipples, especially when they are used after being placed in the refrigerator. The Haakaa Pump is incredibly popular as an easy-to-use breast milk collector. This may be ideal for mums looking to express and store breast milk for when they leave the house or return to work. Other ideas may include reusable breast pads, soothing nipple balm and a voucher to buy some ultra-comfy breastfeeding-friendly bras! has a great range of breastfeeding accessories, including the Haakaa.


A beautiful piece of artwork can give the woman in your life the warm-fuzzies. Something that is focused on the joy and softness of motherhood may hold a special place in her heart for years to come. The images above were drawn by Mama’s Drawing Room, based in Galway.


Pregnancy and early parenting can bring with it a variety of added appointments, a larger to do list and gatherings with family and friends. A planner that is both pretty and practical can help the mum-to-be stay organised when baby joins the mix! The planners above are all available from Paper Ink Planners, another Irish business.


Essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and labour. Some mums find they provide great relief with common pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea and migraines, while others use them primarily during labour. Research has shown essential oil use can help reduce the intensity of labour and bring anxiety levels down. Commonly used types include peppermint, orange, lavender, rose and more. You can also find products with essential oils in them, link the lip balm above. The book AromaBump also contains information about safe essential oil use during pregnancy and labour for the mum-to-be to reference as often as she likes!


There are so many lovely books out there that will provide information, inspiration and support for new and expectant mums. Gifting books during pregnancy is definitely ideal because trust me, a knew mum will not have the time to read once baby arrives. Some of my favourites are Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby by Rosie Newman, The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin, The Calm Birth Method by Suzy Ashworth, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley and The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin.


There’s no doubt about it- pregnancy and the postnatal period are some of the most exciting times of our lives, but they also come with huge waves of vulnerability. These beautiful palm-sized deck of 57 Happi Cards are designed to shift your perspective to a happy one, over any situation in life. They have been created to make true inner happiness more accessible, by helping you think about situations from a higher perspective & making use of that limitless well of knowing we all have inside. They are also a wonderful excuse for your partner to spend those precious 5 quiet minutes to herself to recharge! You can purchase Happi Cards and look at a large selection of other lovely self care books, journals and more over at The Feel Good Collective!


Okay, okay, so this isn’t strictly mommy related but it is a pretty kickass bag for a new mum! It’s really great when a practical item like a changing bag is gorgeous too! Your lady will be walking around in style with these beautifully handmade bags from Nicco, based in Dublin!



And if none of the items above catches your fancy, you are only one click away from giving your partner the gift of personalised support from a pregnancy and postnatal specialist- me! Would your partner like help with creating birth preferences? Does she want the continuous support a birth doula can provide at her labour? What about some postpartum support in your home once baby arrives? Has she mentioned interest in placenta encapsulation? Get in touch and I will get you sorted with details and a voucher for services if you like!