Positive Birth Story | Hospital Birth with Use of Epidural

Positive hospital birth story


Like many women I was thinking about my labor day a lot. With a First baby you don't know what to expect. I was getting all kinds of advice from my friends and family about what I should do or shouldn't do. Some tips were very helpful but I think everyone is different and we should listen to our own body. Looking back, I definitely recommend antenatal classes in hospital or a professional consultation with a doula, for example.

I had a miscarriage with my first baby at 11 weeks so I had a small idea that to give birth would include pain. You can't compare the intensity to anything. I got pregnant for the second time four months after my loss.


After nearly 2 weeks past my baby’s estimated birth date, my contractions started Thursday at 5 pm. From that time up to 12 am they were every 15 minutes. After midnight they started coming every 7 minutes. I took a shower and contractions got worse to every 5 minutes. At 4 am I rang hospital and I was told not to come go in until my waters broke. I was up all night and they broke at 10 AM. 


Before 12 I was in the hospital and I was told my cervix was at 3 cm dilated. For 3 hours I was lying and walking around- and I got sick too. My husband was with me all the time. At 4 PM I was moved to the labour ward at 6 cm dilated. For the next 4 hours I was in much more pain and I was trying to find a comfortable position. My blood pressure went very high and the midwife  at the time couldn't get it to lower. I got sick again and the midwives told me that my high blood pressure was not good for me or the baby. They recommended I get the epidural. I consented although I originally did not plan to and 8 cm, I thought it was to late for it.

Once the epidural was placed, my blood pressure lowered and I couldn't feel pain any more. It gave me a break for 45 min. but then I  could feel the pain all over again. The epidural wasn’t working as it should. I got a bigger dose and from 11 PM to 1 AM I waited to get to 10 cm.

With the support of my husband and midwife, they helped me through the pushing part. After 25 min our  beautiful baby girl Cora arrived on Saturday morning, the 20th January,  2018. She weighed 3,750 kg.
Once you have your baby in your arms the pains don’t matter and the tea and toast are the best.

Good luck to all mums preparing to meet their babies!

Marta and her daughter Cora.

Marta and her daughter Cora.