You Don't Need to be a Duchess to Have a Doula

You Don't Need to Be a Duchess to Have a Doula.png

If you've been around the pregnancy and birth world lately, you may have noticed the numerous reports that Meghan Markle is availing of doula support for her pregnancy and birth.  While it's certainly great that doula care is appearing more and more in the media, it's also important to note you don't need to be royalty to opt for this gold standard level of support.  

Anyone can hire a doula and there's numerous reasons why someone might make this decision.  My clients have come from all walks of life with numerous backgrounds, income levels, professions and circumstances that have influenced their decision.  Despite their differences, they all have one thing in common:  they are looking for extra, personalised support.  They want to build a relationship of trust and I'm there to meet their unique needs.  My clients decide what my work looks like for them and it often includes  reassurance, encouragement and calm companionship as they journey to meet their baby.


The type of birth experience my clients are looking for also varies.  While the stereotype may be that doulas firmly support unmedicated birth, this is far from the truth.  A professional, unbiased doula should support ALL types of birth.  That includes unmedicated, induction, the use of all forms of pain relief, planned caesarean and more.  Non-judgmental doula care with me looks like supporting you no matter what you decide.  It means I trust you to make the birth decisions that feel best for you and I fully support you as you do so.  It reflects seamless integration of services as I support you alongside your healthcare providers, whether that's in hospital or at your home. 

Doula support isn't something reserved only for a duchess.  It's an amazing option for anyone looking for a level of care that is tailored just for them. To learn more about my birth doula support services and package options, please see this link.