From the Doula Library- Natural Parenting Ireland Magazine


          What I call my "Doula Library" is my personal collection of books, magazines and other pregnancy and birth resources that I allow my clients to borrow from me at any time.  The resources mainly cover topics including childbirth education, pregnancy, labour preparation, parenting, essential oils, etc.  

My From the Doula Library posts are little snippets of information regarding the resources I have and why they might interest you!  This week I am focusing on the first issue of the new Natural Parenting Ireland Magazine!  I picked up a copy of this magazine at the Irish Positive Birth Conference that I recently attended.  If natural parenting is something that you practise or it's something you are simply interested in learning more about, then this is the magazine for you!

The topics covered in the autumn issue include babywearing, breastfeeding, positive birth, free-range childhood, Steiner education, homemade skincare, book recommendations, mindfulness, cloth nappies, nutrition, zero waste, homeopathy, self-care, birth stories and so many other parenting topics!  I was really impressed by the range of material and found the articles from authors all over Ireland very enjoyable.  There really is something for everyone.  Many of the articles provide introductory information for those just learning about a topic, while others go more in-depth for parents that have been embracing more natural parenting styles for awhile. 

One article I found particularly helpful was titled The Babywearing Corner.  It described some of the many different types of slings that parents can try.  Babywearing can be an overwhelming endeavour because of the many different types and brands available.  Having a space where you can gather introductory information that doesn't require you to spend hours searching online is fantastic for busy parents. 

The next issue of Natural Parenting Ireland Magazine is out in Dec. 2017 and I will definitely pick up a copy so I can see how this magazine evolves!  There's also a yearly subscription on offer and it's something I have added to my Christmas list for my husband.  I'm even considering writing an article myself!  Check out Natural Parenting Ireland's Facebook page or their website for more information on the magazine and subscriptions!