My New Favourite Teething Remedy!



          Things have been rather miserable around our home the last few days.  Graham has started the process of teething off with a bang and he's getting not one, but THREE teeth all at the same time.  Please send help!  If you're a parent to a child that has already gone through teething, you know it can be a really challenging time for everyone!  Some babies go through teething without a single issue- my daughter was one of those kids.  We noticed new teeth and couldn't believe her mood and sleep habits never changed.  Sometimes we only noticed an additional tooth after what was obviously days later because she literally made no indication she was getting another one!  She just coped really well, apparently.  Other parents have told me they have experienced something similar. 

But boy... if you have a baby who is having a difficult time with teething, you may really struggle yourself!  Perhaps your baby has disrupted sleep, is more cranky, irritable or they cry much more often.  Others may become really "clingy," meaning they won't tolerate being put down or they show more signs of anxiety when you are not near them to provide comfort.  Babies go through enough developmental leaps and changes to throw you for a loop, but now teething!?  What is a parent to do when they see their baby suffering for what can be days for each individual tooth!?  

There's many products on the market for babies who are teething.  Some parents find them mostly useless when others have found one or two that provides a bit of relief for their child.  I will be the first to admit I've never used homeopathic remedies before but after having my baby boy, I decided to have two remedies made from my placenta pills!- one was for me and the other for Graham. (Read my placenta encapsulation story here!)  I received two small bottles, one for each of us (you can see a picture above).  The remedy for babies is great for fussiness, colic, teething, and issues such as separation anxiety.  I had heard such good things about these remedies but had no real experience of using them myself.  Let me say this... I am NOT disappointed!  Graham is now happier and appears more comfortable.  He's not as fussy and the best part of it all, he's sleeping so much better!  Prior to the homeopathic remedy, Graham was waking up approximately 20 times a night because of his teeth!  Can you say EXHAUSTION!?  The remedy has made a huge difference and I'm so thankful!

The small little tablet is only 7c and if you look at the above image close enough, you can see just how tiny they are!  If you have a very small baby, you can place the remedy between two spoons and crush into a powder.  The powder can then easily be mixed into formula or breast milk.  Alternatively, you can put the powder on your nipple and then latch baby on if you are breastfeeding.  Easy peasy!  Graham is old enough at 8 months where I wanted to see if I could just place the pill in his mouth.  Sure enough, I popped it in and it dissolved immediately.  It can't get much easier!  

The one downside of this remedy of course is that it requires some prior planning because it is made using placenta powder.  If you are already considering placenta encapsulation, you can easily add homeopathy onto your package- it's just one more tick on my online booking form!  If, however, you are hoping to do this last minute, you will need a placenta pill in your possession.  My role in all of this is facilitating the process.  I am not a registered homeopath and this is the only placenta remedy I do not make myself.   I simply post your placenta pill to a registered homeopath in Ireland who then makes the remedies for you.  They are then posted to you directly along with a brochure on appropriate use.  Please contact me for further details! 

I'm so happy this homeopathic remedy is offering relief for my baby boy.  There's nothing worse than seeing your child suffer with any type of pain.  Increasing Graham's comfort is impacting us all as a family and making life so much easier!  If you have questions about this placenta remedy or other aspects of placenta encapsulation, please contact me and I will get back to you!