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how to rewrite your health story! | Guest blog by Denise Christie

Ask many woman and they will say that men “have it easy” when it comes to health and wellness.  This is usually based on the fact that men don't get periods, they don't have to go through pregnancy and they do not have to experience menopause.  The one common denominator that links all of these is the Womb!

Eight out of ten women experience period pain at some stage.  For one out of ten of those women the pain can be hugely disruptive – causing them to miss work, important meetings or family occasions.  

Even though poor sperm quality is responsible for a couple's struggle to conceive in five out of ten cases - research shows that the burden and blame for infertility often falls disproportionately on women – most likely because she is the one who will carry the baby in her womb!

During menopause seven out of ten women experience many distressing and debilitating symptoms – commonly night sweats, hot flashes, painful joints, memory loss, tiredness, confusion, digestive problems, weight gain, loss of sex drive and anxiety.

Puberty for girls can be an incredibly difficult time – the onset of periods, dealing with pain and the bombardment of hormones leading to feelings of overwhelm and frustration.  

So all of these “natural” progressions throughout womanhood – puberty, fertility issues, pregnancy, menopause can produce many distressing symptoms.  However just because these symptoms are common – does not mean they are normal! And the good news is – it does not have to be this way! Two strategies that help to resolve many of these issues are creating a healthy heart-womb connection and sending positive signals to your body to reprogramme cellular memory.


In Chinese Medicine there is a Meridian or energy line called the “Bao Mai”.  This energetic channel links the Heart to the Womb and allows these two organs to communicate with each other.  Each month the heart sends blood to the womb via the Bao Mai to potentially nurture an embryo. The energy along this channel must be open and flowing in order for healthy menstruation and conception to occur.

Because the Heart can suffer from emotional stress this heart-womb connection can become damaged or broken, allowing negative emotions and traumas to become stored in the womb.  For example, as well as the physical pain of a period, there are also strong emotions connected with that such as frustration and fear. A struggle to get pregnant can produce emotions such as despair, mourning and even hatred.  During menopause there can be a deep sense of loss and sadness. Now imagine all of those emotions settling in your Womb so that she literally becomes an emotional dumping ground for those harmful and hurtful words, or worse still that you create a total disconnect with your Womb.

When the energy that flows along the Bao Mai channel is free flowing and energetic, healthy menstrual cycles and pregnancy can occur.  By sending love and nurturing thoughts to your womb it is possible to reopen that flow, rekindle the connection and heal emotional or physical issues.  Those healing benefits can extend beyond menstruation and fertility into pregnancy, birth, motherhood and menopause. Even if your physical womb does not exist, the energy of the womb is still present and needs love and nurturing more than ever!

The human body is made up of about one trillion cells with every one of those cells working towards keeping the body healthy.  These cells are constantly changing – either evolving or dying off which means that every fibre in our body is regularly renewed.   For instance – we get a new stomach lining every five days, skin is renewed every five weeks, the skeletal system is entirely new every three months.   Every year 98% of the total cells in the human body are replaced. And at the end of every seven years – every cell in the body has been replaced! Isn't that amazing!?


What this gives us is a unique opportunity to “reprogramme” every fibre in the body.   By eating nutritionally healthy foods, by replacing previous, harmful and negative thought patterns with positive and healthy ones – we can literally reinvent ourselves.  It's a bit like re-programming a computer – we can create a new cellular memory.

Every thought you think, every word you say is an “affirmation”.  Every time you say or believe or think something negative about your body or your health – you perpetuate that situation.   The good news is you can use positive affirmations to challenge negative beliefs and to replace them with positive self-nurturing beliefs. Removing old negative beliefs can enable you to achieve the life and health you have always wanted for yourself!

By loving your womb and sending positive and nurturing thoughts to your entire body – you can literally rewrite your health story – to sail through puberty or menopause or even get pregnant!

Denise Christie of Health & Harmony

Denise Christie of Health & Harmony