Writing a Letter to My Baby | What I Wish I had Done

write letter to baby during pregnancy

I have become podcast obsessed! I’m naturally interested in all things birth-y but have always shied away from listening to podcasts. Who the hell has the time? Then I had a genius idea- why not listen to these podcasts, which I have bookmarked now for months, while providing my placenta encapsulation service!? It’s the perfect background-noise while filling hundreds and hundreds of empty capsules with a new mum’s placenta powder.

I started listing to a podcast and a mum described how she wrote letters to each of her babies while she was expecting. It sounded like such a sweet, personalised way of welcoming a baby and it’s something that can be kept and shared with your child for years. I really wish I had done it and I can see how each of the letters would have certainly been different because each pregnancy was so different. Oh, how I wish I could go back in time!


With my first, I was a young soon to be mum at only 16. I can’t imagine how comical this letter would have been. I can see my younger self talking about how annoyed I was at pregnancy sickness. Although there were elements of my life that were incredibly overwhelming- yeah, 16 and pregnant, I was also so looking forward to meeting my son. I knew he was a boy so I’m sure I would have addressed it as such. I’m sure I would have included the name I had chosen for him, details from my baby shower and how I had prepared my room with his cot and washed/folded all of his clothes. Maybe I would have talked about the antenatal classes I attended too.

My daughter’s letter would probably have been far more lengthy, with me going into detail about how much her dad and I were looking forward to meeting her. I had hyperemesis with her pregnancy so I’m sure that would have featured as well- with me rejoicing once I reached 20 weeks when I finally got some much-needed relief. I would have written about allllll the preparation we did including meeting with our birth doula, how I was looking forward to labouring in water and how excited I was to be having a girl! We moved overseas during my pregnancy so I’m sure that would also be included.

letters to my baby

During my third pregnancy my husband and I chose not to find out the sex- so I’m sure that would have been included, along with my prediction of what I was having (a boy). I also would have talked about how we were planning for a home birth and wanted the baby to be born in water. Preparing for a home birth is very different than a hospital birth, for me anyway. I think I would have also mentioned how much I was looking forward to my older two children meeting him and how we had prepared them for being in the house while I was in labour. My daughter played in the birth pool when we did our trial run!

For my fourth pregnancy I think I would have spoke a lot about preparing to give birth in Ireland for the first time. Maybe I would have touched on the differences between here and the US and how the pregnancy was going when I met with my private midwife. I would have talked about how lovely the midwife was, how she included all of the family during her antenatal visits and how this baby had us all wondering…. would they be born on Christmas!? I would also talk about my sex prediction…. originally girl, but I switched to boy at the very end. I would included a picture of my vision board and talk about traveling to Alaska while pregnant and feeling the baby’s kicks for the first time while on a cruise ship!

These are all of the things I would have included but of course each pregnancy and each family is different. I love the idea of these letters being shared for years to come and how they show where you were, what you were feeling and how much you were looking forward to your baby’s birth.