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Limerick Doula Support Review

jessica, limerick city- birth doula client

“I have to thank Michelle from the bottom of my heart for everything she did for myself and my partner over the course of my pregnancy right up until the birth of our little girl. Her extensive knowledge paired with her sense of humour and unfaltering calm and pleasant demeanor make her undeniably the right choice for anybody looking for support throughout their pregnancy at any stage. She instills a calmness and sense of control and more importantly empowerment in one's own birth decisions through educating clients so they can make informed decisions about their birth. She is such a valuable asset and I will be highly recommending her to others. What can I say, I frickin love her!”

doula for dad or partner


“Myself and my partner Dani, are eternally grateful for everything that Michelle did for us throughout the lead up to and during the birth of our little girl. Being a first time father, I was unaware of the huge amount of preparation for the birth and Michelle was such a fountain of knowledge in that regard, that it was reassuring for us both. During my partner’s labour, Michelle’s advice and presence was hugely beneficial and supportive.  Michelle brings a large amount of knowledge, experience and compassion to her role and I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle’s doula services for any expecting parents.”


Gina, first time mum- county tipperary

Limerick Placenta Encapsulation

“I got my placenta encapsulated with Michelle, such a easy process, we also did comfort measures workshop which was amazing she teaches you such great tools that can be used for labour (my partner especially found this very informative and helpful) and Michelle is also a delight to deal with.”

Limerick Doula Support for birth

Linda, hospital- county limerick

“We originally met Michelle at one of her monthly meetings in Limerick. ...As we had found Michelle's talk so great we booked in for the Labour Comfort Measures class, once again we found the class to be very easy going while being extremely informative and full of relevant information. We both throughly enjoyed this class and left feeling very relaxed and prepared for the birth of our little girl. Unfortunately the labour itself did not go exactly as planned but as a result of working with Michelle we were very prepared and still had a very positive birth experience. My husband was very much part of labour, rather than standing on the sidelines and our gorgeous little girl arrived happily and safely into the world.

After getting to know Michelle through the talk and course and we were both very confident in not only Michelle's abilities in relation to labour but also in her kind and ethical nature so we choose to have my placenta encapsulated with her.

Once again Michelle made the whole process very easy and simple for us. I cannot recommend the placenta encapsulation enough and I would strongly urge every pregnant woman to do it! As a result of taking the placenta capsules I can honestly say I feel great. My milk supply is strong, my energy levels are high despite the interrupted sleep that comes with a new baby, my mood is happy and level, my skin and hair are in great condition and I have recovered really well from labour. As part of the deal we got the face and body cream which again is fantastic and I use on both me and my baby. Michelle also offers an amazing keepsake with the placenta encapsulation but I don't want to spoil the surprise!

We have already decided that for our next baby we will ask Michelle to be our doula and will also get the full range of placenta products.”

Limerick Doula Services Reviews

Fiona, second time mum.  County Cork

"Michelle was a great source of comfort, advice, knowledge, friendship and support for me and my journey, we didn't achieve the birth story I had hoped for but she was still there for us every step, and my placenta encapsulation has been a gift, my energy levels have been way better than what I imagined and everyone has commented on how well I look. I put it down to my encapsulation... definitely recommend Michelle and her services."

Limerick childbirth doula

Moira, County LImerick- workshop attendee

“I recently attended Michelle's comfort measures workshop. We found the class great and although it seemed like it flew we learnt loads and was really great value. Looking forward to using the tools Michelle taught us.”