Jewellery Made with What?! – Using Breastmilk, Hair, Cremation Ashes and Placenta Powder


          Keepsake jewellery is becoming more and more popular with parents. Something elegant and understated, but within which is some of their most precious memories. Keepsake jewellery can take many forms, but what sets it aside from everything else on the high street is its personal connection to the wearer and their family.

Keepsake jewellery is created by taking your elements and setting them carefully in resin. The elements people choose to preserve range widely from breastmilk, child’s first hair cut or that of an elderly relative, baby’s first Babygro/special outfit, cremation ashes of a loved one, wedding dress fabric, festival bands and recently I even set a puppy’s tooth and whiskers! The possibilities are almost endless!

Beautifully swirled in Pandora-style charms, pendants or personalised rings, the elements are almost always visible. Different colours and other embellishments can be added, making the piece perfectly unique. 


          Someone once compared my jewellery to a locket, and it described the sentiment behind the pieces perfectly. Lockets were popularised in Victorian times but had been worn for many hundreds of years before, evolving from amulets – an ornament or piece of jewellery thought to ward off evil spirits. During the Elizabethan times lockets became keepsakes, filled with loved one’s photographs, a lock of their hair or even a tiny love letter.  

Fast forward to the 21st Century and lockets are no longer fashionable, but our love affair with jewellery has remained consistent; and keeping our loved ones or precious memories close to us continues to be sought after.


          Mothers are choosing to preserve some of their breastmilk in jewellery; honouring the journey they have undertaken with their child and celebrating the milestones they have achieved in this difficult but rewarding journey.

Breastmilk is a full of live bacteria, amazingly nutritional and balanced for your child but not for jewellery surely?!!

To ensure your breastmilk remains looking like milk it must first be preserved – killing all the live bacteria. This process takes around 3-4 days before it can finally be mixed with resin which sets hard.


Almost anything can be set in a piece of jewellery. Your imagination is the limit!

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